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Superior Home Inspections is owned /operated by Brianna Brannan. Her Background consists of an education equivalency of a Bachelors of Earth Science. After college she worked in local government  as supervising inspector, but took interest in home inspections, and enjoyed the thought of having her own business. She then moved from the San Luis Valley  with her fiancé to Pueblo West, and is enjoying the strong community, and open hearts.

   Brianna holds certifications in all major systems of the house and is fully certified through the International Association for Certified Home Inspector. Using her knowledge of Earth sciences and how they affect the structures we live in: such as the type of soil or terrain a house is built on, how water drains from the property and the house, how moisture penetration can create scoring of brick or concrete, and how thermal emissivity can be found with infrared camera and what it means.

   Trusted by home buyers and real estate professionals to provide peace of mind that will identify any major issues, safety concerns, and also a list of deferred maintenance items that will need attention now or in the near future. In her spare time Brianna enjoys community volunteering, flying her drone, and fishing.


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* InterNACHI Member#NACHI21073011

Brianna's  Certifications
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