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Pre- Listing Home Inspection

What are some reasons a seller would want a pre- listing inspection
  • It can eliminate buyer requests for credits. Let’s say your pre-listing inspection turns up some issues with the home’s plumbing. If a buyer finds those same issues and asks for a $3,000 credit or concession, you’d ultimately be making less on the sale. With a pre-listing inspection, you can fix it yourself and potentially build those repair costs into your list price.

  • It can augment your home’s marketing to attract buyers. If your pre-listing inspection report looks like an A+, advertising this to prospective buyers can be beneficial to you as the seller, because they see that your home is in excellent condition.

  • It can speed up the selling process. Closing a real estate transaction can take some time, even in a seller’s market as fast-paced as we have right now. A pre-listing inspection can help you proactively fix issues that could otherwise create hiccups as you near the finish line on the deal.

What does the prelisting cover?

The Pre-Listing is focused on a full examination of the house with a full report  – which covers the following :

- Heating and Central Air Conditioning Systems
– Plumbing Connections and Fittings
– Electrical Outlets, Wiring and Panels
– Lighting
– Attic
– Insulation
– Floors
– Windows and Doors
– Drywall, Walls and Ceilings
– Fireplace and Chimneys
– Roofing
– Gutters and Downspouts
– Foundation
– Drainage
– Decks and Wood Structures
– Appliances

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