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What to expect before , during ,and after your home inspection

Before the Inspection

You’ve most likely came to this page from the email you received confirming your inspection date, time, and address. Please ensure that you have signed the inspection agreement by 5:pm prior to the day of the inspection. Payment is also required prior to the inspection
Vacant Home
If the home is vacant, I recommend confirming with your realtor that the utilities are on (water, power, gas), as well as confirming that all shut-off valves and/or breakers are in the on position, as my insurance does not allow me to activate or shut down items or appliances.

Occupied Homes
If the home is occupied I recommend consulting with your realtor and/or the seller(s) to ensure that the attic is accessible with any personal belongings removed from access locations. Personal belongings should also be removed from areas surrounding major appliances (HVAC and Water Heaters), crawl space accesses, electrical panels, etc. If personal belongings are present in these areas at the time of inspection, these items and areas will be inspected as best I can from visible portions, as personal items are not moved for the sake of accessibility.

Return  trip cost 
A return-trip to inspect items that were not accessible or ready will cost $125 or more depending on the location of the property because this is time taken away from inspecting another house.
Reminder  email 
A reminder  email will be sent the day before your inspection 

During the Inspection

Time of Inspection
Home inspections are scheduled for either 9:am each day.

Discussions, Questions and Safety Measures
You are encouraged to attend the inspection for a recap on the deficiencies found with the home, but if you do not attend, a phone conference can be scheduled for after the inspection to review the report and photos/videos. I just ask that you please save any questions for the end of the inspection as I have a routine and system that is conducted on every home, and I must concentrate to ensure I’m able to look over everything thoroughly. I also request that you practice COVID safety such as wearing an approved mask and keeping a healthy distance.
Duration of the Inspection

Inspections typically last between 3.5 – 4.5 hours based on the age, size, and condition of the home.

After the Inspection

The Inspection Report
You will receive the inspection report the evening of the inspection by email. In this email there will also be a link to the invoice for your records. The software I use to prepare inspection reports has several tools available to help you communicate any concerns with your realtor.
Thorough and Detailed Information
The inspection report will contain a lot of information and typically consists of 35 – 70 pages and well over one hundred photos and diagrams. I provide this much information, not in an attempt to overwhelm you, but to give you as much information about your potential home that I possibly can. It is not uncommon for me to find 30 or more defects with a home so do not despair if you get a long report because this is normal. Here is a video tutorial on how to open the report and use its feature:
Communication and support
Lastly, I’m available by phonetext, or e-mail to answer any questions you may have about information in the inspection report or about your home after moving in.
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